Mute Participants

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Organizers can mute all Participants, mute an individual, or mute themselves. UberConference automatically mutes the 5th (and beyond) Participant who joins via computer.

Let's take a closer look at all your muting options.

Mute All Participants

  1. Join your conference from the web 
  2. Click on Mute Everyone on your bottom menu

When a new Participant joins, they’ll be notified that they’ve been muted.

Mute an Individual or Yourself

  1. Join your conference from the web 
  2. Connect your audio via My Computer
  3. Click on Mute Caller icon on the individual’s or your own Participant card

You'll also have the option to just mute yourself from the bottom menu. Calling in from your phone


The Organizer or the Participant can unmute at any time by:

  • Clicking on the mic icon on their Participant card
  • Clicking on the mic icon on the bottom menu 
  • Pressing ** on their phones
  • Clicking on the Mute Everyone icon on the bottom menu (Organizer)