Use the iOS App

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Install the App

Download the iOS app. The app is compatible with iOS7 and above.

Launch the app

  • Tap on the app to launch
  • Tap OK to allow notifications (required to use full functionality of the app)
  • Log in with your UberConference credentials or Sign up with a new account

If signing up a new account, UberConference will prompt you to add:

  • Personal photo
  • Company Name
  • Personal URL (or keep the one we’ve generated for you)

Once you’ve added these details, just confirm the country you’ll be calling from and you’re ready to start using the app.

View your Dashboard

Once you’ve logged into the app, you’ll automatically be pulled into your conference dashboard. Here’s where you’ll see options to:

  • Share your conference info
  • Join someone else’s call
  • Start a conference
  • Schedule a conference

Let’s take a closer look at each of these features, starting with sharing your conference info.

Share your Conference Info

Tap on share your conference info to automatically have it copied to your clipboard. If you’d rather share this info a different way, tap on Share this Info to pull up options like:

  • Email
  • Text Message
  • Copy to Clipboard

Join Someone Elses Call

To join someone else’s call:

  • Tap on Join someone else’s call on your home page
  • Enter the username of your Organizer
  • Tap Join
  • Tap Connect Me
  • If prompted, enter a Participant PIN
  • Once you’re connected, tap the drop-down notification Launch UberConference

UberConference Tip: If you don’t tap on Launch UberConference, you won’t be able to view the conference dashboard within the app, but you will still be connected to the call. To view the dashboard, you’ll need to hang up and re-dial into the conference.

This will pull you into the active conference screen via your app. Here you can view:

  • Fellow Participants
  • Organizer
  • Chat
  • Participant Info (social info, mute, and hang up)
  • Screenshare

To exit the call, tap on the Hangup icon at the bottom of your screen.

Start a conference

To start your own conference:

  • Tap on Start Now
  • Choose to invite Participants from your device or to add new Participants.
  • If you're not inviting Participants, tap Start Conference>Connect Me

Invite Existing Contacts

By default, we’ll display all contacts that you have saved on your phone as well as in UberConference. Either scroll through the displayed list or tap on the avatar icon to select Recent or Frequent.

UberConference Tip: You must allow UberConference access to your contacts in order for these to show up.

Tap on a name to display the invite options: either by phone and/or email.

Once you’ve selected all your Participants, tap Start Conference>Connect Me

Invite New Contacts

To invite a new contact as a Participant:

  • Tap on Add New
  • Enter the contact’s name, phone, and email

Click the checkmark to save this info into your contact list. Then, navigate to that contact and tap on their name to select them.

Once you’ve selected all your Participants, tap Start Conference>Connect Me

UberConference Tip: If you don’t tap on Launch UberConference, you won’t be able to view the conference dashboard within the app, but you will still be connected to the call. To view the dashboard, you’ll need to hang up and re-dial into the conference.

Business accounts allow for auto-dial out for Participants on non-scheduled calls.

Once you’re in your conference, you’ll have a slightly different view than your Participants. You’ll see:

  • Fellow Participants
  • Yourself (Organizer)
  • Chat
  • Participant Info (social info, mute, hang up)
  • Audio Recording
  • Lock Conference
  • Mute All
  • Hang up


Scheduling a Conference

To schedule a conference for later, tap on Schedule. On the following screen enter:

  • Name of conference (optional)
  • Participants (tap People to Invite and follow steps listed above)
  • Date of conference
  • Duration Recurring (requires Business account)

Once you’ve entered this info, tap on the green arrow to Confirm Details. You’ll also have the option to Add to Calendar or if you’re a Business account you can Call Participants to Start.

To launch your scheduled conference, navigate back into the app and tap on Start Now.

Participant Controls

Depending on whether you’re a Participant or the Organizer, you’ll have access to slightly different controls (just like the web interface).

During an active conference, Participants can:

  • View Participants/Organizer info
  • Mute other Participants/Organizer
  • Hang up other Participants/Organizer
  • View Screenshare
  • Send a chat
  • Hang up their call

UberConference Tip: Participants can still use over the phone commands, too.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these actions, starting with viewing other Participant info.

View Participant/Organizer Info

Tap on the Participant/Organizer, then tap on the avatar icon to pull up their info. This can include:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Phone Number
  • LinkedIn info
  • Twitter info
  • Google+ info

Mute Participants/Organizer

Tap on the Participant/Organizer, then tap on the mic icon to mute. A muted Participant/Organizer will display a mute icon over their photo.

Hang up Participant/Organizer

Tap on the Participant/Owner, then tap on the hang-up icon to end their session. If you hang up on the Organizer, it will end the conference for everyone.

View Screen Share

If a Participant or Organizer is hosting a screen share from the web, you’ll be alerted in the app at the bottom menu.

Tap on the alert to be pulled into the active screen share.

UberConference Tip: Viewing a screen share via your carrier will use a large amount of data, so it’s best to try and hop on a stable WiFi network before joining.

Once you’re viewing the screen share, you can tap on the red X to be pulled back into the conference dashboard.

Send a Chat

To send a chat, tap on the chat icon at the bottom of your screen.

Hang up the Call

Tap on the hang-up icon at the bottom menu to hang up your call. This will disconnect you from the conference view and end the call on your carrier.

Organizer Controls

During an active conference, an Organizer can:

  • View Participants info
  • Mute individual Participants
  • Hang up individual Participants
  • View Screenshare
  • Send a chat
  • Record the Audio
  • Lock a Conference
  • Mute All
  • End the call

Record Audio

Tap on the record icon to record the conference audio. An IVR will play alerting your Participants that the call is recorded. You can always press 00 to enable/disable recordings, too.

If you end your recording before your call, you'll see the recording in the conference summary right after your call (just like on the web).

If not, you can listen to your recording by navigating to Conferences>Past Conferences in the app.

Looking to download your recordings?

Lock a Conference

Tap on the lock icon to lock your conference. This will inhibit any other Participants from joining.

Tap back on the lock icon to unlock the conference. You can also press ## to lock/unlock a conference.

Conference Settings

To view your conference settings, tap on the three line menu on the left-hand side of your app, then Account. Here you’ll see:

  • Your Name
  • Photo
  • Company Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

Tap on the + next to the phone or email to add additional contact options.

If you scroll down further, you’ll see your Conference Settings. This includes:

  • Hold Music
  • Participant PIN (if required)
  • Organizer PIN (if required)
  • Auto dial out invited contacts
  • Sync contacts

Tap on Hold Music, Participant PIN, or Organizer PIN to change these settings.

View Upcoming and Past Conferences

  • Tap on the three bar menu
  • Select Conferences
  • Tap on either Upcoming or Past to view conference info

If viewing an Upcoming Conference, you'll have the ability to edit conference details (date/time, Participants, etc.).

If viewing a Past Conference, you'll be able to:

  • Rate the call
  • View Participants
  • View talk time
  • View chat transcript (if available)
  • Listen to recording (if available)