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Seamlessly collaborate with Participants right from within your Google Doc. To enable the UberConference integration for Google Docs:

  • Navigate to your Google Doc
  • Click Add-Ons>Get Add-Ons
  • Search for UberConference
  • Click +Free to add the integration

The UberConference add-on will use your Google account information to log you in or automatically create an account with your email.

Participants who activate the app will also be automatically logged in or if they don’t have an account, it will be auto-created for them.

Launch the Add-On

Within your doc, click on Add-Ons>UberConference Sidebar>Show Sidebar.

Your sidebar displays the following information:

  • Conference Info
  • Active Participants
  • Add Participants
  • Record
  • Lock
  • Hangup

Invite Participants

  • Click on Invite
  • Enter in your Participant's info
  • Click Send Invites

Participants will either receive an email or text invite (depending on what contact info you provided). 

Conference Controls & Settings

As the Organizer, you have access to the conference controls at the bottom of the sidebar. You can:

  • Invite Participants
  • Record the Call
  • Lock the Conference
  • End the Conference


Plus, hovering over a Participant will give you the option to Mute or Hang Up

Conference Settings

The integration will default to whatever settings you've established on your Settings page