Share your Screen

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If a picture is worth 1,000 words, imagine how much you can say with screen sharing.

Before we take a look at how to share your screen, make sure you've got the following:

Share your Screen

  1. Click the Share icon on your active call to pull up your Share Options
  2. Click either Share Your Screen or Share a Window*
  3. Add our Chrome Extension (this happens in the background once you confirm)
  4. Select the screen or window you’d like to share
  5. Click Share

*For users will dual monitors, you’ll need to select which screen you’d like to share by scrolling down in the pop-up.

Once you’re sharing your screen, we’ll display a screen share icon on your bottom menu. Hover over that icon to display the option to turn off screen sharing.

Common Questions

Who can end a screen share? 

There are two options to end a screen share. Either: 

  • Organizer ends screen share (themselves and Participants)
  • Participant ends their own screen share  

What browsers are supported?

You can check that list here.

Do I need an UberConference account to share my screen?


What can be shared?

You can share:

  • Your main screen
  • A secondary screen
  • A specific window
  • A tab within a window 
  • A document/file

Do I have access to call controls during a screen share?

Yes - while viewing the screen share you’re able to mute yourself. If you need to view the main conference screen, click on Back to Conference, otherwise hover your mouse at the bottom of your UberConference screen to pull up your bottom menu.

You can toggle back to your screen share by clicking Back to Screenshare.

Can I share more than one screen?

No, but you can share a file while you're actively screen sharing.

Can I use my mobile to screen share?

While you can't project a screen share on mobile, you can view someone else's screen share with your iOS or Android mobile app.