View Upcoming & Past Conferences

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View Upcoming Conferences

Need to see what’s coming up? Click on Conferences from your profile drop-down. You’ll automatically be pulled into your Upcoming Conferences window.

From here, click on the drop-down arrow to:

  • Edit Conference
  • Add to Calendar
  • Delete Conference

Edit Conference will give pull you back into the schedule flow, including options to edit:

  • Conference name
  • Time
  • Date
  • Duration
  • Recurring (Business)
  • Timezone
  • Invited Participants
  • Add to Calendar

Your Upcoming Conferences screen also gives you the option to schedule a new conference.

Cancel Upcoming Conferences

Need to cancel your conference? While viewing your Upcoming Conference, click on the drop-down arrow and select Delete.

You'll need to confirm the change, and then our system will send an update to all Participants that the call has been canceled.

View Past Conferences

Need to take a second look at a past conference? Click on Conferences from your profile drop-down then click Past Conferences.

Here you can see all the conferences you’ve previously hosted including:

  • Date of conference
  • Time of conference
  • Participants

Plus, if you need to edit the name of your conference, you can do that here by hovering over Name this Call.

UberConference Tip: Clean up past conferences by clicking on the drop-down menu next to your conference and selecting Delete.

View Conference Summary

You can access your conference summary by clicking on the drop-down menu under Past Conferences.

Your conference summary includes:

  • Name of your conference
  • Date and time of your conference
  • Duration
  • Recordings (with the option to play or download)
  • Chat transcript (with the option to download)
  • Participants
  • How long each Participant remained in the conference
  • How long each Participant spoke
  • Social icons (if Participant integrated)